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Some of the Students’ Draft Storyboards

In preparation for the Film Project day the students have drafted storyboards. Here are some samples from men who met the deadline:

Preparation for the BFI Film Project

Today was a brilliant dyad of periods where where explored some of the textual features and deeper meanings of excerpts from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (see below) – then took ourselves down to the appropriately atmospheric Drama Basement to explore how some of these distillations from the poem could be enacted in movement and sound.

Just judging from the quality of these devised performances, the level of experimentation and creativity is high.

Everyone has the task (alongside the all-important signing of the consent forms) of generating an 8-frame storyboard (annotated with camera angles and shots) that contains some ideas for how they’d like their Ancient Mariner interpretation to look on film. This will be handed to Mr Waugh during first break on Monday and samples will be uploaded here.


Official Information Letter

For anyone who hasn’t quite received the paper copy of the information letter and permission form for next week’s “Film in a Day” project at the BFI, here it is:

2012 South Bank Film project – Consent Form

A Message from the Institute of Education

We are a group of English and drama teachers from the Institute of Education who are interested in using film in the classroom. We are looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday 31st January for our day of film making at the BFI.

On the day we will be working in groups of three – two or three boys to one adult.

We will spend about an hour getting to know each other and planning our film and then a couple of hours filming around the South Bank. Then we will edit our films for the rest of the day, at the British Film Institute on the South Bank (near your school).

If you have any questions, please post them here. We will check the website to see what plans you have made.

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner – Reading Homework

Today we embarked on our atmospheric class reading of this epic poem. Everyone will finish reading this tonight in preparation for a dramatised reading tomorrow, after which we will choose stanzas and sequences to explore in finer analytical detail – which will then be re-interpreted in film next week – Phew!

“Two Cars, One Night” and “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”

Two Cars, One Night

This term we are pushing our creative and multi-media minds to the limit in a programme of learning that perhaps has as its only unifying element the setting of the Southern Seas. The term has begun with an intensive programme of film study with a specific focus on camera techniques. This knowledge is being applied to the study of the short film “Two Cars, One Night“. To follow this we are exploring the poetic power of the great epic poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge – and to conclude it all, we are heading to the British Film Institute with a battalion of hardy teacher trainees from the Institute of Education and making a film in a day – which will be produced and directed by the boys and will be based on a passage of their choice from the Coleridge poem.

All up, it’s going to be a pretty exciting term. Expect to see the results of their work on here as well as, potentially, some input from the Institute of Education and the BFI. As always, you are invited to comment at will!

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