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Endernet – Universal Themes

The first main theme is treat others as you would like to be treated. On Earth, Ender has a special connection to his sister Valentine, however his brother Peter is cruel to him and bullies him because of Ender’s monitor, he also is bullied by a boy called Stilson. One day at school, Ender was confronted by Stilson and his gang, but Ender had had enough and Stilson ended up dead, Ender didn’t know this. The next day, Colonel Graff came knocking at his door and took him to Battle School.

The second main theme is when you look hard enough you will find people who care. At battle School, Ender has a hard time and meets lots of different people, with many different personalities. For example, Bonzo, a character who deeply hates Ender, but even deeper admired him. But their relationship was ruined when Ender brutally ended Bonzo’s life. He also met a boy called Alai, who loves Ender and was deeply upset when Ender moved army. He was also manipulated by teachers, who turned everyone against him. Then at 9 years old Ender was transferred to Command School.

The final main theme is let people be people and do not manipulate people into doing something wrong. At Command School, Ender wasn’t allowed to see other pupils there, he had altered schedules to keep him away from others. He was told he was using a simulator, but little did he know, he was actually being manipulated into leading the third invasion. Against the Buggers. He won, he felt like he had lost but according to the IF he had won. He had killed all the Buggers. Afterwards, he left, to live on the Bugger’s world, he found a Bugger queen and set out on a journey, to find a place for her to live and breed.

These are the main themes, in Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card.