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Endernet – Author: Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott Card has wrote many books such as call of the earth which comes in two volumes. When the human refugees from a ruined Earth founded a colony on the planet Harmony, they determined that this world would not be devastated by the endless cycle of vicious warfare that had characterized human life from the beginning.
The original novelette “Enders Game” provides a small snapshot of Ender’s experiences in Battle School and Command School; the full-length novel encompasses more of Ender’s life before, during, and after the war, and also contains some chapters describing the political exploits of his older siblings back on Earth. In a commentary track for the 20th Anniversary audiobook edition of the novel, as well as in the 1991 Author’s Definitive Edition, Card stated that Ender’s Game was written specifically to establish the charurcter of Ender for his role of the Speaker in speaker of the dead, the outline for which he had written before novelizing Ender’s Game. In his 1991 introduction to the novel, Card discussed the influence of isaac asimov’s foundatian series on the novelette and novel. Historian bruce catton’s work on the American civil war also influenced Card heavily.
Orson Scott Cards Childhood

Orson Scott card was born on the 24th of august 1951. He was born in Richland which is in Washington; he is the third of 5 siblings. He is the son of Willard and Peggy Card. His younger brother is Arlen Card, Arlen is a Composer and Arranger. Orson Scott card grew up in Santa Clare, California as well as Mesa, Arizona and Orem Utah. He graduated in Bringham young university. He also went to University of Utah and University of Notre Dame. Orson Scott Card is now 51 and is carrying on his life as an author.

Orson Scott Cards Career
Orson Scott Card began his writing career primarily as a poet, studying with Clinton F. Larson (an American poet and playwright and the founding editor of B.Y.U. Studies .) at Brigham Young University. During his studies as a theater major, he began “doctoring” scripts, adapting fiction for readers theatre production, and finally writing his own one-act and full-length plays. He also explored fiction writing, beginning with stories that eventually evolved into “The Worthing Saga”.
He first wrote the short story “Enders Game” while working at the BYU press, and submitted it to several publications. The idea for the later novel of the same title came from the short story about a school where boys can fight in space.“Enders Game” and its sequel “Speaker Of The Dead” were both awarded the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award, making Card the only author (as of 2011) to win both of science fiction’s top prizes in consecutive years. These awards helped Orson to be a famous author and keep on his reputation for an amazing write. Even though Orson Scott Card is known more for his novels he is also very talented in script writing and poetry.
But altogether he ends up as a well known author because of all these reasons.

Quotes for Orson Scott Card’s books: 
“Ender Wiggin isn’t a killer. He just wins–thoroughly.”
“I’ve watched through his eyes, I’ve listened through his ears, and I tell you he’s the one.”
“I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves.”
Critical Question:
Explain how Orson Scott Card makes you feel for Ender and why he does that.
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