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Grammar for Writing – Dystopian Openings – The Final Analysis

Today’s lesson was brilliant – and from it everyone now has at least 4 pieces of detailed feedback exploring how a grammatical approach might improve the effectiveness of their piece. Look out for this work, as much of it is going to appear online soon!

(we were filmed, too – so you might get a peek inside the classroom on the edutronic site soon!)


The Grammar for Writing Project: Part 4: Relative Clauses

(Tonight’s homework is to complete the re-write of two of your sentences from you existing pieces of dystopian descriptive writing – we’ll present some of these as part of the opening to the lesson tomorrow)

The Grammar for Writing Project: Part 1: Prepositions

As part of the Grammar for writing programme, these presentations are being developed. This, first, presentation is an introduction to the subject of Prepositions. For further information check the site

Creative Writing – Assessment Guidance

The students have embarked on their creative writing assessment – and will be working on it for the next three periods. They may also work on it at home, and have promised not to accept external assistance.

To follow is the assessment guidance for this assessment, which arises from their response to three stimuli in class – a sound, an image and a sentence starter.

Homework: Under Milk Wood

Tonight’s homework is a little unusual. Your task is to read the extract from the opening of Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood to someone at home and have a conversation about it. You can discuss anything you like, and any interesting conclusions you reach we will explore back in class tomorrow.


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