That’s just life By Blert Ademi

The  screeching sound of my alarm echoed in my ears and pierced  into my brain which immediately triggered my body’s system to activate. My ears woke in an unpleasant way.

My sweaty, strawberry shirt from my Actimel spill yesterday sentient the room.My nose woke in an unpleasant way.

My weary eyes took me to the kitchen, blind fully I shoved a random enable ‘thing’ into my mouth. I imagined it to be a McDonald’s happy meal, unfortunately, it wasn’t, it was the usual, porridge. My mouth woke in an unpleasant way.

I left the house and as soon as I did, I felt the cold breeze bush my cheeks. The 45 bus came. Bleep, Bleep, went my oyster   card. I stood in the wheelchair area where my hand suck to a disgusting jammed bar. I didn’t dare to move.My hand woke in an unpleasant way.

Everyone laughed, I’ve forgotten to get dressed. There I was in my spider man pajamas surrounded by what seemed like millions of bellowing young man, laughed at a little boy. I woke up in an unpleasant way. Arr! That’s just life.


About Christopher Waugh

Challenging the norms of secondary teaching. Publishing every single thing my students and I create. Live in Wanaka, New Zealand - the best place in the world.

One response to “That’s just life By Blert Ademi”

  1. howeldcricket says :

    Lol thats really good blert

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