Endernet – Plot: 27 Key Events and Supporting Quotations

1 key event   Ender has the monitor removed

2 key event  Ender beats up bully Stilson

3 key event  very big argument with PETER  threatens to kill him,

4 key event  Graff comes and tells him  that he passed his test and got in to the battle school

5 key event breaks Bernard’s arm

6 key event  he arrives the battle school

7 key event he beats the older children at the games  and becomes someone the launchies and old ones hate

8 key event  first time he goes into the battle room

9 key event becomes Alai’s friend

10 key event he embarrasses Bernard by ridiculing him about computers

11 key event  he moves up to salamander army and gets bullied

13 key event  gets targeted by Bonzo and gets told to work separately from them

14 key event Bonzo tells him to do nothing it battles and still does it and gets hit by Bonzo

15 key event Petra trains him

17 key event moves to rat army

18 key event then he starts training  launchies

19 key events then he wins the giant drink

20 key event valatine and peter plot to take over the world  and by blogging

20 key event  then he gets his own army and becomes friends with bean

21 key event his army keeps on winning and graff tries to make it as hard and as unfair as he can for them

22 key event Bonzo tries to beat him

23 key event he kills Bonzo

24 key event he moves to command school

25 key event he trains with Mazer Rackham

26  key event  he thinks he’s going into a practice battle but he is actually in the real thing

27 key event then he goes to the buggers world with  Valentine



quote 1  from Graff ” i wont take him without letting you speak to him again.

quote 2 from  Dink Meeker ( Ender’s toon leader) as much authority as you let them have  the more you obey them the more power they have over you.”

quote 3 from Mazer Rackham ” do you have to let enemy know you have won.


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