Homework in preparation for essay assessment:

Next week the students are going to write their Ender’s Game Literary Essay. Each student has developed a personal response to the novel and has a range of points they are confident they can make in response to the question. Today (and over the weekend should they wish it) they have developed an introduction that demonstrates their plan as to how they will structure their response. The evidence is that there are going to be some mighty fine essays written!

This essay will commence on Friday 25 November and the students will have 3 class periods to write it. It may be worked on for homework as well.


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4 responses to “Homework in preparation for essay assessment:”

  1. westham4ever1 says :

    Sir, I feel I’ve finished, is there anything else that would be good for me to do apart from blogging!

  2. westham4ever1 says :

    Also, guess what Sir! Bob Ballard, the man who might have been getting in touch with me if there was a Press Conference. I feel I’ve got even more of a chance now, because my parents friend knows him! I’ve just got to get permission from my mum’s friend to use her name on Twitter! I wouldn’t want to be ‘namedropping would I!

  3. Christopher Waugh says :

    The last thing you can do to prepare yourself is have a look through Ender’s game and find some quotations to directly support the points you are planning to make in your response. Other than that, I think you are ready to go!

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