The Next Big Thing: Reading Passport

With the readathon now a cloud of dust in the rear view mirror, it’s time to capitalise on the momentum it created and look at reading for the rest of the year. This takes the form of the Reading Passport (the details of which you can read and print from the embedded guide below).

Some of the most interesting features of this project are the fact that films are included as ‘visual texts’, that everyone is expected to read from a wide range of genre and text-type and that the “three watchmarks per text” reward still applies.

The journal that accompanies this project is to be written into the students’ private blogs – and students who wish it have also be invited to become contributors to this, the class’ main public site too.

As always examples of excellent or original work will be placed on this public class journal for everyone to enjoy.

The majority of the reading and viewing for this project is expected to be completed at home, but some time will also be given in class.

Download your own copy: Year 7F Reading Passport 2011


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9 responses to “The Next Big Thing: Reading Passport”

  1. sciencefictionnerdcom says :

    As a question in the criteria it says one of those films have to be a documentary. Does the documentary have to be fiction or not?

  2. sciencefictionnerdcom says :

    In the criteria for films it states one of the films have to be a documentary. Does the documentary have to be non-fiction or can I do a fictional documentary.

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