Ender’s Game

The Year 7F English class is commencing its programme with a class reading of the Orson Scott Card novel “Ender’s Game”. The priority for this is to get engaged in the text itself, so the class has been reading this text together in class – in the ‘get comfortable’ position. Some evenings the students will be asked to read this book at home as well, often to complete a chapter before the next day’s class.

The learning programme is all about getting inside the text and understanding the mechanics ‘under the hood’, as it were. This will involve analysing the narrative devices, characterisation, plot structure and themes in the text.

By the end of the project the boys will have read and enjoyed the novel, will be able to write confidently and critically about the text and will have developed a personal response to the ideas presented by the text.

We aim not to murder a novel in the process of understanding it – so wherever possible we encourage animated discussion and enactment of the content and implications of what we find within.

The first activity related to this text we will do in class will be an exploration of the plot, an expansion of the terms we use to examine plots in novels and an exercise involving prediction and evidence gathering.

The boys’ initial response to this novel has been very positive. This is great to see!

Mr Waugh


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Challenging the norms of secondary teaching. Publishing every single thing my students and I create. Live in Wanaka, New Zealand - the best place in the world. http://chris.edutronic.net/

3 responses to “Ender’s Game”

  1. Eleni says :

    This is a great resource allowing parents to keep informed of classroom activities. It is amazing what the boys can forget when they walk out through the school gates!

    • Christopher Waugh says :

      Trust me – I do understand how much we’re asking the boys to remember, and how new much of this is to them! Thanks for the encouragement about this journal – it’s much appreciated.

      Please feel free to let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see here.

      Mr Chris Waugh

  2. wertyasdco says :

    the cover is great

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