Welcome to the Nautical 7F English Site

This resource site will become an increasingly useful tool in your English learning. You can access it from both home and school and within it you will find a range of helpful material, including:

Whether you are a student or whether you’re here to get information that will help a student in my London Nautical School English class, it would make good sense to subscribe to this by email so that you’re always notified when new material appears.

Feel free to use the comment function here to ask any questions you may have – or to give your own point of view or feedback as this site is designed to reflect your needs and interests.


Mr Waugh.


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About Christopher Waugh

Challenging the norms of secondary teaching. Publishing every single thing my students and I create. Live in Wanaka, New Zealand - the best place in the world. http://chris.edutronic.net/

7 responses to “Welcome to the Nautical 7F English Site”

  1. westham4ever1 says :

    Thank you Mr Waugh for putting up what will be such a helpful website. Jack from over the road. (Sorry for any spelling mistakes, typing quite fast!!!)

  2. westham4ever1 says :

    Mr Waugh,
    If it is possible could you post some more info on the readathon. Very interested!

    • Christopher Waugh says :

      All will be revealed about the readathon at the Year 7 Assembly on Tuesday – essentially it runs for the whole of the first half of term one. It is open to all students in Year 7 and there will be rewards for the most books read by form and individual. Not to mention the major prize of having Mr Rushworth dress as the character “Matilda” if the whole of Year 7 exceeds 600 books read.

      • Dr Brick says :

        note to self read 600 books

      • westham4ever1 says :

        This is not actually in reply to THIS comment but in reply to the comment you made on my review of Calvin & Hobbes…

        Thank you very much Sir.
        I’m just about to write and put up a response to the first Sherlock Holmes film, the one with Robert Downey Jr in it! Thought it was a great film with good camera techniques to create tension and sinister(ness?). Furthermore, it had fantastic lighting techniques, baddies in the dark, goodies right in the light! Very excited about putting up, on my West Ham journal, a review and report on the most recent match between West Ham and Southampton, I would be very greatful if you had a look at it and gave me some feedback , it should be up within the next few days. I’m enjoying my writing and my journalistic insticts to write about anything I find interesting, yes I’m enjoying it ALOT!!! Can’t wait for the next English lesson, oh, and could you PLEASE do that relaxation kind of thing you did in drama again!? See you soon… Enjoy the rest of the break!

  3. tornado621 says :

    Quick everyone read as many books as possible I want to see Mr Rushworth dress as matilda

  4. Henry Howeld says :

    Thanks Mr.Wagh for putting this website up. very intrested in the book you showed us!

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